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Executive Director Dr. Susan Baker
Prevention is the promotion of constructive lifestyles and norms that decrease risk factors associated with drug use and develop the social and physical environments that facilitate drug-free lifestyles. In sum, the goal of Prevention Services is to “keep healthy people healthy”. Services are systematically planned with measurable strategies based on the identified needs of those we serve to reduce risk factors that increase the likelihood of substance abuse within our communities.

Skilled Prevention Professionals provide evidence based programs, training, public speaking engagements, and small/large group sessions. Staff has considerable knowledge of substance abuse prevention, parenting, violence prevention, suicide prevention, and the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Our HIV/AIDS Prevention Services include resources, consultation, HIV screening, and risk reduction counseling. To find out more or to schedule a free consultation or screening, call (434) 392-9461.

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HIV/AIDS Prevention and Risk Reduction Counseling

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Programs Provided Include

Too Good For Drugs

This evidence-based program for grades K-9 provides facts about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs that help kids set goals and make good decisions that contribute to their health and well-being. Program lessons and activities teach skills for managing emotions, communicating effectively, making positive friendships, countering social influences, analyzing media messages and refusing peer pressure   

Too Good For Violence

This evidence-based program for grades 1-5 teaches strong character-based skills, attitudes and behaviors. Children develop skills for conflict resolution, anger management, respect for self and others, and effective communication—keys to social-emotional intelligence. Program lessons and activities help kids realize that as individuals and as a group, they are too good for bullying and violence, as they gain skills for, and confidence in their ability to interact cooperatively and peacefully.

Too Good For Drugs and Violence After School Program

Too Good for Drugs and Violence After-School Activities is an extension of our Too Good research-based prevention education programs for the after school setting. Through a variety of positive, age-appropriate activities including games, stories, and songs, the program reinforces basic prevention concepts including decision making, goal setting, and conflict resolution among others. The activities are divided by age groups 5-9 and 10-13 to sustain the children's interest and correspond to their development level.

Project ALERT

Research-based substance abuse prevention program providing students grades 6-8 with insight, understanding, and actual skills for resisting substance use. Project ALERT successfully addresses tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and inhalants, the substances teens are most likely to use.

Life Skills Training Program

This research-based program includes developmentally appropriate lessons for elementary, middle, and high school aged youth teaching personal self-management skills, general social skills, and drug resistance skills including lessons on decision making, effective communication skills, active listening skills, stress/anger management, and resistance skills.

Safe Dates

Teaches and helps teen’s grades 6-12 to recognize the difference between caring, supportive relationships and controlling, manipulative, or abusive dating relationships. Lessons include defining caring relationships, defining dating abuse, helping friends, overcoming stereotypes, communication skills, anger management, and sexual assault prevention.

Choose Respect

Initiative to help teens develop healthy relationships and prevent dating abuse before it starts. This program is designed to encourage positive action on the part of adolescents to form healthy, respectful relationships. Session includes a video and discussion around dating abuse, unhealthy relationship behavior, consequences and warning signs of unhealthy relationships, and preventing dating violence. This group has a youth, parent, and community component

Positive Action

This evidence based program is designed to improve academics, behavior, and character for youth in grades K-3. The program teaches the positive actions for the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional areas of the self.

Active Parenting Now

This evidence based and comprehensive parent education program provides participants with skills that will help develop cooperation, responsibility and self-esteem in their children. In an interactive group format, participants learn styles of parenting, effective parenting techniques, family problem solving, and building positive character traits.

“The Monster” - HIV/STD Prevention

The purpose of this presentation is to provide participants with an interactive and educational experience where they will gain knowledge and an understanding about the epidemic HIV/AIDS along with other STD’s. Our goal is to educate the community by discussing contraction and transmission, what you can do to protect yourself, what stigmas or attitudes are associated with HIV, and how you can help educate others. Topics include but are not limited to sexual health, pregnancy, substance abuse, and mental health.

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